Sustainable Brands To Check Out

Happy World Environment Day! Protecting our planet is something that has always been important to me since I was a kid and now more than ever we need to make choices in your lifestyle to help aid to that. That also means in the items we choose to use. There are so many great sustainable brands that are not just amazing products but are also socially responsible in their approach to how they help planet earth. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

Taos Aer Deodorant x Indie Lee these two brands partnered up to create this deodorant. Both brands are socially cautious. Both using clean ingredients, making sure their products are sourced fairly. Taos Aer has a recycling program for their empties so that they don’t land up in landfills. Indie Lee is COSMOS certified which is a certification that ensures biodiversity safety and sustainability.

Vionic shoes are the comfiest shoes I have. I have worn them so much since I got them, that I have worn out the soles already. They have designed their soles to help cushion with each step, give arch support and stability in your heel. Honestly, you could walk 20,000 steps in these and your feet will not be in pain or feel tired. What I love is the style that I have, Pismo Sneaker , is made out of earth friendly and ethically produced BCI cotton, the soles are partially made out soybean, they are cruelty free made. I need to get another pair because hands down they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

Threads 4 Thought, is a clothing line that really has sustainability as their forefront. All of the materials are organic cotton, made of recycled plastic bottles & fishing nets, their factories use less water per garment, their water waste is 80% recycled and reused, and they have saved over 500 millions of gallons in over a year. You can go to their site and read their documents because they show complete transparency. They are leading and setting and example in the industry to help set standards. Also, I own a t shirt and it’s my favorite white tee. I will have to get more!

Lush is a brand that was a leader in sustainability and how they give back. They do so much from their packaging and some of their products don’t have packaging. Lush products are all 100% vegetarian and they source all their ingredients ethically & sustainably. I also love that all of their products are handmade. You can go to their site and read how they are lessening their ecological foot print, their climate commitments and their environmental ethos. They practice regenerative farming through reforestation and agroforestry in many countries.

Osea is a brand that I always share because I love the products so much and I also love this family. I have been using them for several years now and got to know them. This is a family run business and they are committed to making great skincare but also to the environment. The products are all vegan, they were the first company to sight the Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products which is an Initiative from the Environmental Working Group. This ensures that products are free from chemicals that can cause harm to people like cancer, birth defects and more. Osea sources all of their products ethically, they support local economies and small businesses. They have a recycling program with their bottles, they aim to lessen their carbon emissions and do several giving initiatives to support organizations that protect our planet.

Unwrapped Life is a plastic free brand. They believe in bars over bottles. They are on a mission to divert 20 million plastic bottles from entering our oceans by 2025. I love that Unwrapped Life educates people on everything from how our purchases effect our environmental impact. It’s with shipping, packaging and excessive consuming and throw away behavior. From their site they state, ” 9% of plastics are actually recycled, and that over 79% of plastics ever produced are accumulating in our landfills and waterways. In the US alone, more than 552 million shampoo bottles are estimated to end up in landfills annually. We’re on a mission to prevent over 20 million plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans and waterways by 2025, to date, we’ve prevented over 1.5 million plastic bottles from having ever been manufactured.” We need to start making smart decisions and buying from brands that are more environmentally responsible.

Hello toothpaste also is a brand that has plastic free options for toothpaste. They are toothpaste tablets, they also have a toothpaste that is called Naked Paste that I want to try, it comes in a big tub. They source their ingredients responsibly, they are made from sustainable bamboo and stevia. Hello Products makes their boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink.

Kiehl’s has a major commitment to sustainability. Kiehl’s is actively working on reducing their environmental impact and improving communities. Their formulas are made with at least three renewable ingredients. That means these can be regrown or replenished. They practice responsible farming in over 600 communities world wide. They think about how to improve packaging, 73% of their packaging doesn’t have carton and 80% is made from recycle materials. They also have a recycling program for their products, with their program they have recycled over 13 million jars and bottles. They don’t use single use paper bags in the store saving over 85 tons of paper.

Davines is a sustainable beauty brand and it is one the first ones. They contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals which helps make a positive impact on our planet, environment by practicing sustainable goals and strategies. Davines minimizes their waste production, they also have a transparency report that you can go to their site and read. I love their shampoo bars especially Momo and Love. These two smell incredible. I need to restock these because they have become my favorite shampoo products. Davines also gives back, they plant trees and have planted over 500 pomegranate trees, they use 1% for the planet and are actively lessening their carbon footprint.

Vrai Diamonds is committed to sustainable practices. When you think of diamonds you don’t think of sustainability but now you can. Vrai has zero emissions because they grow diamonds in a lab with no carbon footprint. Now you can feel great wearing diamonds because you know that you are also not adding to the destruction of our planet. Mining diamonds emits about 143 pounds of carbon dioxide, it also uses 120 gallons of water and 250 tons of earth must be removed and that is just for one carat. This not only hurts our planet but it displaces wildlife, creates deforestation, affects both our air and water by polluting it exploits mining communities. It’s 2021 we have to be more responsible with our decisions and you can feel good and still have luxury.

Vuori is an athletic wear company that I just started wearing but most people are very familiar with them. If you read my previous post you know how much I love the brand now and how amazing their clothes are. They are high performance and comfy. I also love that Vuori is a sustainable company. They have committed to making 80% of their products with sustainable materials by 2022. Their products are made with recycled plastic bottles, recycled fishing nets, and organic cotton. They have partnered with Climate Neautral to offset their carbon footprint. They do that by combating global warming by restoring rainforests and supporting clean energy. Vuori has also pledged to eliminate 805 plastic from their shipping and supply chain. They partnered with Cleanhub to help keep our oceans clean.

Tarte Cosmetics has two ingredients that they use in several of their products that are thoughtfully sourced. Their Amazonian Clay and their Maracuja Oil. It is all sourced in a sustainable way. They also help support and empower local communities. Creating an all female farming community. They are also doing actions to help reduce their own carbon footprint.

Josie Maran is an ethical brand. They have partnered with Terracycle and have saved over 140k units from going into landfills. I love that they make recycling easy, you can just print out a FREE label and send it back. With Terracycle you can redeem pints that help various non profit organizations. Their argan oil is sustainably sourced and are all organic.

Origins is a socially responsible company. Not only do they have products that are clean, organic and sustainably sourced. They do things to help give back to our planet. Origins has planted and also care for over 1,858,675+ tree saplings around the world. They also use minimal packaging. The cartons that they do have are FSC-certified. They also have Origins Green The Planet Fund with is committed to offsetting carbon emissions, combating climate change and restoring ecosystems globally. Origins also uses 100% renewable electricity.

Bliss Block Star is a susncreen that is cruelty free, planet friendly meaning it will not hurt our coral reefs. It is made of clean ingriedients and is vegan.

Don Francisco’s Coffee, sources their coffee to leave less of a carbon footprint. They have assistance projects in Colombia, Guatemala to support local harvest and farmers. They are a zero waste to landfill roastery. They source their beans from certified coffees from the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA and USDA certified Organic. They also partnered with Terracycle to recycle their capsules and coffee pods.