Current Body Red Light Mask

I have dreamt of this red light mask for years. I finally got one from Current Body. If you are worried about sagging skin, pigmentation, wrinkles/fine lines, aging skin in general you need to get this red light mask. I love that Current Body also has a mask for your neck because that is one area that people forget to take care of and once you start to sag and wrinkle there it’s hard to fix. The neck mask is a savior and I don’t know of another company that has a mask that treats that area.

I love the Current Body face and neck mask because they are portable. Most red light devices are bulky or need to stay plugged into a wall. They are light weight so they don’t feel awkward when you wear it. They have rechargeable battery packs that they run on. I even pack these with me when I’m traveling and would 100% do this on a flight. The straps are adjustable, so the face and neck mask are never uncomfortable. You can walk around with these when you are cleaning around the house, working on your laptop, or just watching tv. I use it as part of my morning meditation sometimes.

What the red light face and neck mask will do is help slow down aging. The mask will improve fine lines and wrinkles. I saw very noticeable results in four weeks. It will also help with tone, texture and will help with saggy skin. Making it firmer and more youthful. Red light also helps get rid of discoloration so you’ll have a brighter complexion. This mask combines two types of wavelengths, the combination is Red (633nm) and Infra-Red Light (830nm). This combination helps stimulate rejuvenation in your skin. The mask is made of a flexible silicone that is very comfortable on. You’ll have improved collagen production, if you have redness in your skin you’ll see it gradually disappear. All you have to do is wear it for 10 minutes a day, three to five times a week and you will a more beautiful complexion.

If there is one thing this last year has taught us is that we need more self care. I am obsessed with my Current Body Face & Neck Mask. You will be too, give yourself the gift of youth. One thing you’ll never regret is investing in yourself and this is a great way to self care. When my skin looks great I feel more confident.