Skincare For Your Booty

With summer around the corner, that means bikini season. I know I have started working off that quarantine 15 and I’m excited for summer this year. Whether you are going on vacation, the pool, or beach. It’s time to show off that booty and one place people forget to apply skincare is there. I have been making sure that everyday I get my squats in and my do my booty skincare routine for when I get into my bikini. These are some products I love and it’s helped my tush ready for my bikini.

If your skin needs a little bit of brightening up then you need to add this to your body care routine. Urban Skin Rx, Clear and Even Tone Body Cleansing and Exfoliating Pouch. If you get breakouts on your body or just want to have a more even skin tone this will help. I use it every day in the shower and it has really brightened up my skin tone from my shoulders, chest and booty. You can use the bar directly on your body or put in the pouch if you need some extra exfoliation on stubborn areas like elbows and knees.

If you want something that will work right away, you need to get Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate. If you want to go the beach with friends or a pool party this summer, ExfoliKate is a great way to get that tush looking good. You can use it two ways as a scrub or as a mask if you need that extra TLC. You will see a difference right away and you’ll feel more confident in that bikini.

If you have a few dark spots that won’t go away you need to try Powerbright Dark Spot Serum from Dermalogica. I had a few dark spots that have significantly lightened up in a couple of weeks after I applied this. We don’t usually apply skin care to our backsides and now that it’s bikini season it’s time to give our bodies some extra care. Also, if you are in the sun your dark spots will get darker so this will help them fade away. I have been using mine everyday and love it.

If you have started working out like I have, I have gotten a few little breakouts. I started spot treating my acne with Dr. Zenovia’s, Clear Complexion. It works fast and clears out any breakouts that you may have on your back, face or on your tush. I like it because it’s non-drying and you can use it on sensitive areas.

Maybe you have been skipping workouts or just need a little bit of firming. Boscia has you covered, their new Peptide Youth Restore Firming Body Serum will make that booty look plumper and firmer over time. It’s easy to use and you’ll see a difference. You can use this on your arms, legs, tummy, any part of your body that needs less jiggle.

We don’t always exfoliate our bodies especially our backsides which is important in the summer when we spend time out at the beach or pool. I love Payot’s Peeling Éclat because it’s so easy to use and gentle for any part of your body. I just put some on a cotton round and swipe it all over. It’s so gentle that you can use it every day and your skin is going to look more radiant.

Vitamin C is a great way to brighten and even out skin tone. I love The Nue Co’s Topical C. It comes in powder form and can be added to any serum or moisturizer to boost collagen, fight sun damage and add firmness. I have been using it daily on my face and booty and love it. It also helps against UV damage and protects skin from environmental aggressors like pollution.


Every part of our bodies need some anti-aging products and I love La Roche-Posay’s Glycoic B5 Serum. It helps even out skin tone, erase dark spots, exfoliates and it feels light weight on. You can use this after a shower and then apply your body moisturizer on. You’ll see results in as little as two weeks.

After all your skin care don’t forget to apply your sunscreen. Soon Skincare has a new suncreen, Clear Day, that is a broad spectrum SPF 50 that comes in a stick. It’s easy to apply and it will keep your body protected. It also is rich in chamomile and vitamin E which are antioxidants that help soothe, hydrate, and ward off signs of premature aging, and it also has vitamin C that will brighten and renews skin.