Maison Margiela’s REPLICA Matcha Meditation

Fragrance has been a big part of my life. My mom tells a story about how I poured a whole bottle of her perfume on my head as a baby and would stretch out my neck for people to smell me. Some of my earliest memories is watching my mom get ready and she would spray herself with perfume and then give me a spray too. I love that about fragrances, they evoke memories and can take you back to moments in your life with just one single whiff of something. This past year was one where many of us were isolated, separated from family, friends and there was an uncertainty in the air. I didn’t want my memories of the last year to be negative ones. I wanted to create a positive environment in my life and home. I found Maison Margiela’s REPLICA Matcha Meditation. It’s a light and airy fragrance that made me feel at peace when I smelled it. I instantly felt relaxed and centered.

Matcha Meditation has notes of Matcha, it smells very earthy and bright. There is also orange flower that really pulls the fragrance together to make you feel centered. When the fragrances dries down you can smell the sandalwood, which reminds me of the temples I would go to weekly from my childhood. The balance of these essences are so delicate and soothing. The scents are blended perfectly creating a very zen scent. This scent brought peace to my home, not only did I wear it but I also used it in different ways. I really had to create a space in my home that was just for me so that I could separate work from home and give my life some balance. Depending on the day, I would spray the fragrance around me so that it would comfort me like the coziest blanket. When I wake up, I say out loud the things I am grateful for and before I would start I sprayed Matcha Meditation so that I would feel calm and joy. If I was having a chaotic day, in the afternoon I would sometimes have to pull in the reigns and sit myself down and do some breathe work and I would start my breathe work by spraying the fragrance in my hands, cupping them and taking a deep breathe in and focusing on stillness. Another way I use my fragrance is before bed. My bed really is my happy place and before I sleep I usually listen to a guided meditation and put away all my devices to fully relax. Before I lay down I spray my silk pillow cases with Matcha Meditation. It’s the best way to unwind after a long day.

I love a scent that makes you feel sexy and confident. Matcha Meditation makes me feel that way. These warm summer nights it really brings out what summer feels like and that’s the idea of endless possibilities. I feel happy when I wear it. I brought it with me on a trip recently and my friend sprayed it on himself and it smelled amazing on him too that he ordered a bottle. This fragrance is for everyone. It’s unique and also very subtle. When you wear it, it’s not overpowering but smells so sensual that you will notice people leaning into you to get another whiff of it.

If you are looking to update your fragrance collection or just need a scent that will give you some peace, Matcha Meditation is for you. It’s modern and sexy. You’ll be reaching for it throughout the day.