Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask

When you hear people talking about beauty sleep it usually means getting eight hours of sleep. But now we need to elevate that beauty sleep and actually wake up looking more refreshed and less tired. Dr. Harris has come out with an innovative sleep mask that will not only help you feel more rested but it will actually relax your muscles on your face to help you not get wrinkles. The Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask is the first of it’s kind to actually help promote anti-aging when you sleep, reduces wrinkles, and promotes emotional relaxation.

How it works is that it uses 2R technology that helps with muscle relaxation and emotional relaxation because there are silicone dots that help stimulate nerve endings in your face. Which then helps with muscle tone and emotional relaxation. It will help eliminate your brow furrow and you will wake up looking more youthful and relaxed. You will also feel more relaxed. It’s easy to travel with or to use at home. It’s a must for anyone who wants to look and feel more restful.