Rancho La Puerta Wellness Resort

I’ve dreamt of going to a wellness spa for years now and never have had the chance to. Until now, I went to Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico for a week. It’s a beautiful wellness resort that is tucked into the mountains surrounded by lots of lush greenery. It sits on 4,000 acres which include 40 miles of hiking trails, an organic farm, tennis courts and so much more. There are 86 casitas on the property as well as new residences that are for sale. There are so many activities to choose from from cooking classes, workout classes, art, spirituality classes to sex health classes. It is also a cell phone free property which makes it really nice to do a technology detox.

The ranch doesn’t have rigid schedules that you have to follow. I love that so you can do as much or as little as you want. If you want to take 5 workout classes a day you can or if you just want to go to the spa and lay by the pool you can also do that. If you want to learn better eating habits or want to talk about wellness you can schedule an appointment with someone who can walk you through that. If you want to learn to do an activity that you haven’t tried it’s a great opportunity to do that there. They have tennis clinics, art classes and more.

I loved that everything that we at on property was grown from the farm on property. You can explore the farm on your own or they also have hikes where you can hike to the farm and have breakfast from all the organically grown food there. Or you can take a cooking class and pick your own veggies from the garden and take a tour of it.

One of my favorite activities on the ranch was doing the sound bath daily. It was such a nice way to really tie in the wellness aspect for me. With the way the last year has been and before that I was living a really fast paced life, I am always trying to regroup and center myself. Living in LA can be chaotic at times running around between event to event and then just trying to balance your work and life. Being able to really focus on my health and wellbeing is priceless and I learned to slow down and listen to my mind, body and spirit at Rancho La Puerta.

There are a lot of cozy corners tucked away on the ranch so if you want to just take a nap or read a book you can. I met a lot of people during my stay and one thing that everyone had in common was that they had been there more than 5 times. We were the only first timers there, one lady had been there 70 times. I think that says a lot about the experience because it’s such a special place that is filled with comfort and love.

There are so many different workout classes you can take at Rancho La Puerta. From high intensity like ropes or circuit training to water aerobics, hip hop dancing and fun ones like aerial yoga. Classes change by the day and you can do them at your own pace. They are all level classes and the teachers are all great. I love the variety of classes you can take. I did so many classes a day from hiking at sunrise, ropes, yoga, cycle, circuit training and more. There were so many that I wanted to take and didn’t have the chance to. I’ll save those for my next visit.

There is only one main dining room and you can eat alone or be more social and make new friends. They have different themes for dinner so we had fiesta one night with music and other nights are more chill. The ranch doesn’t server alcohol with meals because it’s a place of wellness. If you do want a glass of wine they have a wine bar on the property that is open in the evening.

One of my favorite experiences at Rancho La Puerta was the spa service I did. It was called, Embodying Wellbeing Ritual. It was such a magical experience. It starts off outside under these huge oak trees and you are welcomed with a ceremonial conch blessing as well as a white sage smudge to cleanse your spirit. Then you close your eyes and set an intention and take a crystal from a bowl, hold it to your heart and say that intention to yourself. During the massage they apply ancient Mayan healing mud to your stomach and place crystals along your body to center your chakras. This is all done in a private tent and is such a great way to relax your mind, body and spirit. I will never forget this experience and will always be one of my favorite spa treatments I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot all over the world).

Rancho La Puerta is a great place to go to alone or if you want to go with friends. We all need take more time for ourselves, our health, and align our bodies with our spirits. It’s a good place to rest, reset and appreciate life. I can’t wait to go back.