Creed Wind Flowers

The highlight of my year has been traveling with Creed to London for the launch of Wind Flowers. If you have been following me for awhile you know that I have been wearing Creed since I was 11 years old. It was the first fragrance that my mom had me pick out that was my own. I’ve worn a Creed Fragrance everyday since that day in Paris when I was a child. Being a part of the launch was really a full circle moment for me. This newest fragrance is one that is unique from the bottle shape to the color. It scent is charming and elegant. Wind Flowers is such a beautiful and soft fragrance with notes of notes of jasmine and orange blossom, hints of sandalwood and musk. I love that it is feminine, sophisticated and has the romance of warm summer night. Every time I wear Wind Flowers I get stopped to ask what fragrance I am wearing.

Wind flowers has become a summer staple for me. It’s a scent that you will want to wear day to night because it has sweetness to it but also it is very sexy and flirty. Spray it behind your neck so that people have to lean in to smell you. I love that when I wear this scent I feel more confidant and sexy. The balance of notes is really dreamy between the orange, sandalwood, and rose it really makes me feel like love. Sometimes when I am working from home I will spray it on me so that I feel like I am walking in the country side in Europe instead of sitting at my desk at home. Once you start wearing Wind Flowers it will be your go to everyday fragrance because you will want all your happy memories tied to it. So that every time you smell it you smile, which is what I do. I have fallen in love with this new Creed fragrance and so will you.

You can find Wind Flowers at Creed Fragrances. It’s lovely and the perfect scent for everyone, I smelled it on a man in London and it was divine. I’m wearing it now and I’m dreaming of London. Wind Flowers will make you feel like your falling in love every day.